The Client
Aston Martin & Jaeger LeCoultre

The Brief
To produce a film using archive material, in celebration of the partnership between two iconic luxury brands: Aston Martin and Jaeger LeCoultre. The film was shown online on both brand’s websites and YouTube channels. It was also used globally in stores.

Our Approach
Working with such historic brands, we were lucky enough to have access to their film archives. This footage formed the basis of the film, which we crafted, together with new footage, which was filmed on location in Switzerland and in the UK. Although Aston Martin and Jaeger LeCoultre make very different products, they share the same values: namely an incredible attention to detail and dedication of their craftsmen, which we chose to focus on.

We wanted to give the film an ‘arty’ feel, using creative shots, interesting angles, silhouettes and playing with colour to make a film that felt luxurious, intelligent, rich and visually appealing. This meant giving it a black & white treatment, with the only pop of colour being the red on the hero watch in the last sequence.

Script development was key – the brands share many values, but are also unique in their way, so it was important to develop a balance between the two brands as well as a luxurious tone of voice.

Our challenge was to take the small and intricate world of watchmaking and the larger, more dynamic world of luxury cars, and to represent them both on-screen, at the same time, and with equal weight.


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