The Client

The Brief
To produce a video for the launch of the new Jigsaw range to be used on the  Black+Decker website and distributed through all social channels.

Our Creative Insight
Jigsaws can be complicated pieces of kit with lots of product features. We felt our target audience would already know what a Jigsaw does, so we decided to focus on what can be made with it instead. Creativity was our keyword – we wanted our film to say, “Look how creative you can get with a Jigsaw” – inspired by our own strapline, “You can shape your world”.

Our Approach
We liked the idea of everyone remembering their dad owning and loving a Black+Decker product. We wanted to hark back to times past, but with an updated and contemporary feel. The story explored a father-son relationship, putting a new spin on the theme and showing them enjoying each other’s company in creative downtime. The result was a film with a real feel-good factor, tapping into and celebrating the emotional side of the brand – an unusual take on a DIY product.

Designing a toy elephant that actually worked. It’s not as easy as it looks.

B-D_Jigsaw_01.jpg B-D_Jigsaw_02.jpg B-D_Jigsaw_03.jpg B-D_Jigsaw_04.jpg B-D_Jigsaw_05.jpg B-D_Jigsaw_06.jpg