The Client

The Brief
To create a global launch film for a new DEWALT Carbide Hole Saw. DEWALT challenged us to capture the everyday task of drilling in an impactful and exciting way that hadn’t been seen before.

The film would be used on the DEWALT website and distributed through all of their social channels.

Our Creative Insight & Approach
The Carbide cutter spins at over 5000 rotations per minute. To capture the drama of the cutter in action as it cuts through 8mm steel required a high-speed camera. After testing various cameras we chose the Phantom Flex 4K. It was a great choice, the results were visually stunning and we achieved our goal of capturing the drama of the cutter in action. Shooting the action in macro detail was also key to demonstrating the effectiveness of the product.

Working with a high-speed camera requires an enormous amount of light. We needed over 20,000W of light to get the correct exposure. Everyone on the shoot was presented with sunglasses at the beginning of the day to protect their eyes

Carbide_007.jpg Carbide_001.jpg Carbide_006.jpg Carbide_002.jpg Carbide_003.jpg Carbide_004.jpg Carbide_005.jpg