The Client

The Brief
To dramatise the benefits of using DEWALT’s range of corded products. Web film for Black+Decker website and distributed through all social channels

Our Creative Insight
Corded products are used in situations where battery power isn’t sufficient. We worked on this theme and came up with the idea to locate the film in the toughest, most hostile working environments as a backdrop, to demonstrate the power of a corded product. This included a wind farm and a dam in the Highlands of Scotland.

The corded products we featured were DEWALT’s range of hammers. Our hero, an end user working in the Highlands, come rain or come shine (or storm, or hurricane), is always out there, able to get the job done thanks to these products. He’s one tough cookie.

Our Approach
The style is based on a look we’ve developed for DEWALT over the past two years. It has a gritty, powerful, dynamic feel, inspired by the handheld style of filming in the fight scenes used in the Bourne Supremacy films. This totally suited the brand’s “Guaranteed Tough” character.

Shooting in the Highlands in December, Rain, snow, wind… say no more

DeWalt_Corded_01.jpg DeWalt_Corded_02.jpg DeWalt_Corded_03.jpg DeWalt_Corded_04.jpg DeWalt_Corded_05.jpg DeWalt_Corded_06.jpg