The Client
University of Sussex

The Brief
The University of Sussex asked us to develop a short film that celebrated everything that the University of Sussex has to offer. It must excite and capture the audience by communicating the key messages in a fun, engaging and welcoming way.

Our Creative Insight & Approach
The film had to be engaging, entertaining and informative. We also had to ensure the film communicated directly to its core audience, 17-18 year old undergraduate applicants and their parents guardian’s in an original and memorable way.

Our creative theme for the film was “The things I love”

The film is told from the perspective of a first year student who tells us about all of the ‘things she loves’ about the University of Sussex. To make the film feel young and fun we decided to tell the story primarily with photographs.

Sussex_University1.jpg Sussex_University6.jpg Sussex_University2.jpg Sussex_University3.jpg Sussex_University4.jpg Sussex_University5.jpg Sussex_University8.jpg Sussex_University7.jpg Sussex_University9.jpg